Tina Logan's Background

Tina Logan is the author of Getting Started in Candlestick Charting (Wiley & Sons, 2008) and Profiting from Market Trends (Wiley & Sons, 2014).
Tina has also been interviewed on Bloomberg Radio and BizRadio Network, and for the September 2015 issue of the magazine Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities.
Tina is primarily a swing trader; however, she also day trades periodically as well as holding longer-term positions. She began trading by timing mutual funds in her 401k in the late 1990s and eventually shifted to solely trading stocks. Tina has been analyzing the markets using technical analysis and market fundamentals since 2000, and began coaching traders in 2002.
Over the years, Tina has had the good fortune to study with some very experienced traders. She has been called upon to lead trading workshops and online training sessions, and to speak at trading clubs and conferences.
Tina has been providing training and coaching to traders, both one-on-one and to small groups, for several years. She has spent thousands of hours trading, testing, designing strategies and developing very detailed and comprehensive training curriculum.

Tina Logan's Mission:
To take you from theory to application.

Many of Tina's clients say she is the most organized person they have ever met! She also has an uncanny ability to take complicated topics and break them down to layman's terms. She gives the precise detail that actually allows a trader to execute a trade versus just adding more "book knowledge."
Most traders have accumulated a lot of knowledge. Knowledge is not useful unless it can be put to work. What is usually lacking is a full understanding of charting and the detail to execute trades well. So many traders know what is possible in this business, but they just can't seem to get their arms around it all. They feel overwhelmed. Tina's goal is to define the key areas of charting and help you take your trading to a more disciplined, structured and consistently profitable level.
Having spent years learning the painful and costly lessons in the market has given her the ability to identify other traders' challenge areas. Her strength is in really defining how to understand the charts and take trades. She has developed tools that will allow you to trade in various market environments.
Tina is an avid user of technical analysis and feels it is crucial to understanding when to enter and exit stocks. She has a strong aptitude for this business and can help others trim their learning curve dramatically.

Tina Logan's Trading Philosophy:

1. Be steadfastly vigilant with money management. Controlling risk is crucial in order to survive, and ultimately thrive, in the marketplace.
2. Strive to capture a sizable portion of the trend you are trading, whether it is a short-, intermediate-, or long-term trend.
3. Let the broad market be your guide. Adjust techniques to meet the prevailing market conditions.