Following is a link to access two articles Tina wrote that were published on Although the articles are dated, the content is robust and will add to your charting knowledge base.

How to Use Candlesticks to Identify Support and Resistance
Staying in Step with the Long-Term Trends


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Tina Logan has created some free e-Books to share with newcomers to trading, as well as those who may be struggling to achieve a greater level of success.  If you would like a copy of one or more of the e-Books described below, e-mail Tina directly at:



Traders do a lot of analysis, including fundamental, technical and intermarket analysis; but few traders embark upon another very important type of analysis-mental analysis. Before you can become a master at trading, you must become a master of yourself. This insightful e-book provides suggestions for injecting discipline and self-control into your trading activities in order to reduce susceptibility to "emotional trading."



Many individuals who are striving for success may have some knowledge about chart analysis and trade execution, but they just can’t seem to get their arms around it all. Often it simply comes down to the fact that an aspiring trader “doesn’t know what he doesn’t know!” That’s why I have developed a framework that outlines the critical areas for traders to direct their focus and energy in order to become master traders. I refer to this framework as the “Seven ‘S’s of successful trading.” If you are one of those optimistic novices trying to find your trading niche, this framework may help you to better define what, and how, you’ll trade.



It can be overwhelming for a new trader trying to learn such a broad field as the stock market. Trading is a difficult but rewarding business. To succeed at it you’ll need to be committed and persistent. Tina Logan offers some insightful advice to novices to help them on their journey to becoming a master trader.


The lack of good organizational skills presents a problem for many aspiring traders. This complimentary e-book will start you on the path to getting more organized. It provides detailed instruction on how to quickly set up directories and sub-directories to organize your web site favorites, trading research and e-mails.