Here’s what some subscribers to Tina’s weekly report had to say:

“Your last issue was just fantastic. I've been studying it, so much information. I know that all of this will greatly improve my trading.” ~Gayle L., New Mexico

“I just want to thank you for the high quality newsletter. As a recent subscriber for the past several months, your presentation is most impressive. It is as though we are sitting together in front of the screen going over charts.” ~John S., Texas

“I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the great Logan Reports. I have really enjoyed reading through them each week and they have been a great help to me. I especially enjoy the Market Education section…I also appreciate your efforts at building an index to all of the Logan reports.” ~Eric, Florida

“Your courses and the Logan Report are excellent resources. Thank you!” Jeff G., Sierra Madre, CA

“A little praise coming your way...I just finished your first book, for the second time. It's amazing how much more I picked up. And let me continue to brag on you. Your newsletter is invaluable! Thank you SO much for the time you spend on it. My favorite part is the education piece (if I have to pick one). I really have no words to describe how much I enjoy it and how much more I have learned since you started writing it. I have read many of them multiple times and will continue to do so. Thank you again.” George H., Marietta, GA

       Here’s what some readers of Tina’s books and eBooks had to say:

“I appreciate the extreme effort you have gone to…Your teaching style is amazingly clear and methodical AND it is a precious gift to have the passion to pass your knowledge on to others the way you do.” ~ Rosemary, Canada

“I am presently enjoying reading your last book, “Profiting from Market Trends,” and previously read “Getting Started in Candlestick Charting.” I used to get killed in trading, and your first book turned it around for me. I am forever grateful and have bought the “Getting Started” book for several friends. I am still working on mastering the nuances of candlestick charting, relying on your teachings, as well as Steve Nison and Stephen Bigalow. ..I am first and foremost a Tina Logan fan. The first thing that I tell anyone who wants to get better at trading is get Tina Logan’s books and master the information provided. Thanks so much. It has been my honor to read your books and learn from you. “ ~ Michael, Irvine, CA

“I am a big fan of your work and approach to trading. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience in a way that is practical and engaging!” ~ Harold, North Carolina

“I have been studying the market carefully and continue to make successful trades (and also learn from my mistakes). I hope to retire from my current corporate position sometime in the next few years and trade full time as an additional source of income. That will be possible, to a large degree, because of the training I have received (and continue to receive) from you Tina! Please keep up the great work.” ~ Eric, Florida

“Thank you very much Tina, your training and your approach really clicked with me. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge experience and wisdom on the full spectrum of skills a person needs to perform successful trades.” ~ Edwin, Colorado

“I have both your books (finished reading them, on my second/third read ) and your e-books which I am still finishing. Your study materials have been real eye openers for me and I look forward to finishing the e-books and future materials that you make available. I have found that your reading style is exactly what I have been looking for in order to assimilate some difficult to understand concepts!” ~ Bruno, Arizona

“Your writing style is fabulous, extremely well-written, precise, and organized. Obviously a lot of thought and time have gone into your works.” ~John A., Canada

“Thank you so much for writing Candlestick Charting. The organization of the book, the content, and your writing style have been so helpful to my successful trading of Forex. I've studied it from cover to cover numerous times and referred to it daily. Thanks again.” ~Ken M., Oregon

“Your e-books have changed how I view the market/trading completely and I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your materials and that they are very helpful in developing my trading skills.” Kevin D., Orange, CA

“I have never known a professional who was so interested in helping others succeed. In both your published/video material and your e-mails in response to my questions, you always went the extra mile to provide such helpful information.” Warren, Kennesaw, GA

“I know that I am just one of tons of people raving about your training material. You are really good (repeat, really good) at communicating complex subjects in a way that the common investor/trader can assimilate… I have looked at a ton of learning materials over the last 15 years and I can assure you that you are WAY out there with very few if any competitors… you really have a unique ability to put things in perspective.” Randy M., Wichita KS

"I can say without reservation that everything I have purchased from you has been of superior quality." Gary R., Seattle WA

"Your book is my favorite…Getting Started in Candlestick Charting has become my desk companion on trading to date. The flow and material covered in your book is just outstanding for the novice (like me)." Derek D., California

"I’m so impressed with your work ethics as well as your writing skills." L. Hall, Stockton CA

"I've read Courses 4 and 5 twice now and just wanted to thank you for them. It's like you actually want me to learn what's in them. I've spent a lot of money on course material from other places and got twice as much out of 100 pages from Course 4 than 1,000 pages of a couple others company's stuff. The flow is perfect, it's like sitting in the room with you." Ron K., Brighton CO

"I have read your Candlestick book twice and love it! I downloaded your eBook on Organizing Trades and I love that, too. I have been using your checklist and trading log…Thank you again for all that you do. Thanks to your fabulous teaching, I am happy to say that I am about to book my first successful "solo" trade! Before I read your books, I would end up giving back all of my gains, but not this time! I planned my trade and traded my plan and I cannot be happier about that!" Katie C., Cutler Bay FL

"Thanks again, Tina, for doing what you do and doing it the way you do it!" Kathy M., Asheville NC

"After hearing more than 100 lectures, and tens of books, I found your teaching programs are the best in depth, completeness, and systematic. I have applied your teachings for day trading, and they are very helpful….Thank you a million for your advice. I plan to read your publications one by one."  Yulin, Pennsylvania

"I recently finished reading your book…As someone who is looking to begin active trading; I found it to be insightful, well written and easy to understand, especially for someone coming from a background outside of the securities industry. I am certain that I will be able to incorporate many of the strategies you outlined as I begin trading."  Scott M., Madison Wisconsin

"I just finished reading your book. Though this was not my first exposure to candlesticks, I found your book to be informative and well organized. This book will have a permanent spot in my personal trading library for easy reference. I will also be recommending it to my network of trading friends. Thank you for your work."  Tim R., Carlsbad California

"You don't know how much I appreciate the lessons you have provided for me and how valuable you are as a teacher. You certainly have a passion for teaching and you do the most wonderful job at explaining things."  ~Doug D., Powder Springs, Georgia

     Here’s what several attendees of Tina’s private and group tutoring sessions had to say:

“I want to tell you that I very much enjoyed your webinar on Tuesday evening. In addition to your overall knowledge, one of the major differences between you and other presenters is how passionate you are about trading and reading charts. Your passion for the subject matter comes through loud and clear.” ~Mark A., Kentucky

"Thanks for a great learning experience. Your level of energy, organization, knowledge and teaching ability is amazing."  Joel B., Santa Maria CA

"The level of service along with the material that you provide is truly special."  Todd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"I worked hard to get my new structure, systems, and procedures in place last week, and am now looking forward to much greater success.  I appreciate the knowledge you shared, as well as your amazing organizational skills.  You are an outstanding teacher who I wish much success!"  Nancy R., Bloomington , Minnesota

"As I read through your binder and look at my TC Net screen things are making a lot more sense to me.  The too many times I have gotten into trouble trading is when I have not followed the rules.  Your approach to, and results of, teaching is so thorough that it shows me I do not have to break any rules from fear, greed or ignorance.  Your thorough approach has given me confidence and assurance by helping me understand the rules and the reasons for them.  Perhaps, that is the extra step you take where telling people "how to build a watch" is a very reinforcing, helpful method of teaching.  Your tutoring has actually taken away my fear (and fuzzy thinking) and replaced it with understanding."  Roger P., Citrus Heights , California

“Thanks again for the powerful tutoring sessions! Although I have been trading for several years, there were a number of gaps in my strategies, some of which I didn’t even realize were there before. You have helped me organize my trading into a more coherent and simplified approach, allowing for better entries than I had been identifying previously, and better trade management as well. I also appreciate your helping me create a realistic framework tailored to the time that I have available to trade, since I have a full-time job. Your manual is something I keep going back to — it is such a well organized, lucid document. You really have a gift for writing curriculum and presenting ideas in ways that I have not seen presented elsewhere. Thanks again!” — Michael, California

“I just wanted to again say thank you for a great course, and it is hard to measure how much I have learned in such a short period of time. I have to admit that, before taking your course, I felt that I needed to do something urgent in order to be able to continue trading since my account had decreased to a dangerously low point. I now feel that I may have saved my trading career with your tutoring and well organized topics that I now can review and use until I am more confident in my trading skills. So thank you again.”
— Norman, Massachusetts

“Tina's course helped me focus on the correct types of stocks for my financial situation. I have much more confidence now so that I can commit all my funds to the market. The course is very well organized and Tina was quite flexible in fitting the course into my schedule. If you are serious about making living trading stocks, take this course. I more than paid for the cost with my first trade!”
— Jim, Austin, Texas

“You are a wonderful teacher and played a major role on my way to becoming an active trader. Look forward to our next teaching session.” — Dr. Robert B., Stuart, Florida

“There is only one word to describe your training session—CLARITY. It truly provided all the information on ‘what to do, when to do it and how to do it’ for entering, exiting or staying in a trade. What a wealth of knowledge you shared and to top it all off – you provided a very detailed manual that covered absolutely everything. It was wonderful to come home and not have to sort through, prioritize, organize, etc. all those notes we all have after a stock training session and end up missing a lot of details in the process – the ‘Monster Manual’ covers it all. Thanks again for a fantastic session and the continued follow up.” — Donna, Dallas, Texas

“For your info, your manual is worth the price I paid for your time as a tutor. My trip to San Diego to work and learn from you is the best investment I've made in furthering my knowledge as a trader. Thanks again.” — John, Denton, Texas

“Tina has mastered and systemized the active trading profession. She is willing to share her vast knowledge in a very organized and understandable way, which provides an incredible opportunity for learning how to trade profitably. Training with her is the best investment I have made towards obtaining consistent profits. Trading is not easy and you have to apply yourself but if you follow Tina’s statistically proven methods the odds are greatly in your favor. In addition, Tina is a very caring, upbeat person, a great personal coach and mentor.” — Peter, Hood River, Oregon

"Thank you Tina! Working with you has given me trading tools I never thought I could have. I know I shaved years off my learning curve working with you. Your flexibility to work around my schedule was a huge help, and the documentation for the course is absolutely first-rate! I especially appreciate that the training continues after the formal course is complete your monthly practice charts help keep me focused. Conserving my principal is key for me as a trader, and I have not lost a dime since I started working with you. Thanks again!" — Debra, Nellysford, Virginia

“I again would like to express my sincere thanks for all your help in fine tuning the trading process. Your manual is just the best. You've done an excellent job of showing the sequence of events as they unfold with very good graphics and explanations.”
— John, Carmichael, CA

“You really are a good teacher…presentation, knowledgeable, organized and interesting. I'm studying daily. Loving every minute of it. So much to learn but I feel like I have a complete investing package now.”
~Bill J., Shreveport LA